PPC Case Study: eCommerce - Ladies Apparel

PPC Case Study: eCommerce – Ladies Apparel

The statistics below are for one month from one of our most successful long-term clients. We are particularly proud of this account. This eCommerce website features prominent brands of “Body-Shaping Underwear” and related items.

Monthly Statistics

Average CPC$0.66
Conversion Rate2.7%
Average Sale$79.15
Gross Sales$224,397
Apprx. Avg. Margin50%
Total # of Sales2,835
Verified PPC Sales1,897
Other Sales938
Total PPC Costs$56,134
Operating Profit$56,064

This was the best month to date. The client originally ran their campaigns on their own. Early on they had significant success generating sales of $30k to $40k per month, but then the traffic dried up and the competitive landscaped changed for the worse. When we were retained sales were running at about $8k per month.

For the first several months we were able to slowly grow traffic and sales to about $27k per month. Then in just two months sales reached over $80k per month. Within a few months we were consistently over $100k per month and we’ve been always been over $200k per month in sales, while retaining healthy profit margins.

Over a 20 month time period the campaigns have been steadily expanded into all major Paid Search engines and several tertiary services. More than 100,000 keywords are running covering all product specific and category keywords. Ad Copy has been continually optimized for the best Click-Through-Rate (CTR) and Conversion Rates. We use multiple tools to track conversions by keyword and source.

Please find below a recent reference written by this client for Light Stream Marketing:

“I’ve worked with Josh & his staff at Light Stream Marketing going on two years now, and they have been AMAZING! First, he and his staff are top notch professionals. They are always available to me and act with lighting speed.

My particular business is very media driven. They will often create new campaigns, or modify existing ones, within minutes to respond to a product that has been featured in the media. There have been countless times when I have called and said, “One of our products is being mentioned on Oprah! We need to change our Ad Copy!” and, it is done literally within minutes! This quick action has resulted in MASSIVE increases in revenue. Their attitude and willingness to act immediately has equated to thousands of dollars which would not have been realized if I had to wait until the next day to adjust our campaigns.

Additionally, when media events occur, I can count on my Account Manager to monitor our campaigns not only from 9-5, but well into the night, to make sure the campaigns are converting as planned and spending is kept in check. You just won’t find this dedication and caliber of service in ANY other company.

Secondly, my business has EXPLODED since I have been working with them. Being unfamiliar with my products, they quickly educated themselves. This resulted in the discovery of thousands of additional keywords that are LOW COST, CONVERTING search terms. Anybody can put up a campaign with the obvious keywords and pay top dollar for clicks. But, they have taken the time to find all of the variations and alternative terms where the competition is LOW and the conversion is HIGH.

I could go on and on about specific instances when they have gone above and beyond what I would ever expect. But, the bottom line is that I honestly don’t have to worry about my PPC campaigns knowing that my campaign manager at Light Stream Marketing is on top of things. I have complete confidence in them and I can focus on other aspects of growing our business.”