PPC Case Study: Lead Generation - Custom Interior & Exterior Doors

PPC Case Study: Lead Generation – Custom Interior & Exterior Doors

We’ve been running the Paid Search campaigns for this manufacturer of custom interior & exterior doors since July 2006 and they have been with us for over 2 years now. They have a major factory and ship throughout the United States. Initially, they ran the campaigns on their own for a month or two before contacting Light Stream Marketing.

This is a particularly interesting Case Study; below are some key statistics for a recent month.

Monthly Statistics


Avg. CPC$0.47
Conversion Rate0.5%
Total PPC Costs$30,403
Total Cost /Lead$84.93
Total Online Leads358
Est. Calls / Month650
Total Calls or LeadsAbout 1,000

This client may sell one elaborate front door directly to the Home Owner or supply a Contractor with 30 interior doors for an entire home. Traffic volume is significant in this keyword space, thus the issue is more one of pruning unwanted traffic than getting every possible click. When we first started running these campaigns the website was designed in such a way that the client would get 5 phone calls for every 1 online lead / quote form.

Quote forms are preferable because of the detailed information provided by the consumer that allows the Sales Executive time to gather detailed information before contacting the prospective buyer. Quote forms also allow Light Stream Marketing to collect keyword conversion data which is then used to optimize our campaigns.

On the advice of Light Stream Marketing, the site was redesigned to emphasize the Quote forms. The number of quote forms tripled and the ratio of quote forms to calls is now about 1 quote form for every 2 calls.

Because the traffic is so heavy, the goal is to steadily optimize / expand these campaigns while reducing the cost per lead. The majority of this client’s business now comes from our efforts.

Please find below a recent reference written by this client for Light Stream Marketing:

“I wanted to personally thank you for all of your help with our Internet Leads. I could not be happier with my decision to use Light Stream Marketing. I never imagined my business would take off like this! We are getting so many quality leads that we sometimes do not have enough time to answer the phones. Our sales have tripled since you started helping us out. Keep working your magic!”