PPC Case Study: Advertising Supported - Travel Industry

PPC Case Study: Advertising Supported – Travel Industry

This relatively new client is the owner of major advertising supported portal in the travel industry. We supplement their organic traffic with Paid Search traffic targeting specific offers by their advertisers. The offers change weekly, sometimes daily. The campaigns have been extremely successful for both our client and their advertisers. Many times, a particular advertiser has been “Sold Out” within a day or two and we have to take down the campaigns.

Here are some statistics for a recent month:

Monthly Statistics

Avg. CPC$0.14
Total PPC Costs$14,821

The nature is of this model is such that there is a guaranteed profit on every click. Our client charges their advertisers $.20 to $1.00 per click. Our job is to get as much appropriate traffic as possible for the given offer at an average CPC of about 50% of what they are being paid by the advertiser.

Given this “Risk Free” model, our client is expanding the business rapidly.